Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"Voices" 11"x14", Original Contemporary Abstract Painting by Colorado Contemporary Artist Kimberly Conrad

                               Original 11"x14"acrylic abstract painting on 240lb acrylic paper.
 This beautiful painting will fit a standard 11x14 frame, or may be matted and framed to a larger size.Metallic colors of black, gold, silver and bits of white. Abstract art is so relative, and can be interpreted by the same viewer in many ways, at different times in life...

 In this piece, some see landscape, others water, I see a storm, big, black and scary, and the gold a voice of strength, the white a voice of comfort,  the silver a voice of hope.

Featuring Mark Adam Webster on the Artists Corner page HERE to peek a this work.

 $99.00/Free Shipping

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